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By looking at the posts in FB, many pple arround me claimed that they are inspired by the Steve Jobs, all of the sudden...

I am sure if you ask them how steve jobs had inspired them, most of them can't tell the reasons.
They only use Apple products, they like Apple products. 

Give me an example of famous quote by Steve jobs.
And tell me how it had inspired you, and how did you apply it to your life, any changes in your life before and after?
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My financial spreadsheet was corrupted!!!!! It is so frustrating. I spent the whole morning to retrieve all the data. Some data lost, but it is ok...

Look at it, hmm... I am thinking if i am assimilated. As there are differences between in Malaysia and Singapore, let's take C for an example, at the age of 25+, he had already own a condominium and a car. His new car will be delivered in 2 weeks time and he has a plan to buy a new house in KL. 

The property price in that his area will be appreciated very much in a few years time. The new convention hall, the new supertall building will be built around that area. Same thing for my sister, she is staying in Mont Kiara area which famously known as high end residential area in KL. She bought the studio apartment around RM260K, now the market price has increased to RM400k.

C and sis have their own car and apartment. See the differences? How many of us own a car and apartment by the age of 30? Maybe there are many of them in Singapore, but a few people i know own both.

Hope i can own a house in early 2013, if not early 2014 and latest by 2015. of coz, the targeted date will be very much based on my own financial plan. Hope i can get more bonus in this year, next year and next next year!!! then i can definitely can achieve earlier.

Ok, i am talking about owning a property in JB. Property in Singapore is too expensive. The new MRT extension to JB will be completed by 2018 ( i really hope so!!!). The time taken to travel from JB to Woodlands checkpoint will be shortened very much,  i am sure about that. It really make sense to move back to JB, for me as i am working in Sembawang now.

The developer has started the apartment construction above the City Square mall podium. Are they going to launch the apartments soon? Hopefully, i can book one unit by then!!!! Besides that, next to City Square, there is a new Komtar project which is under construction now, but the progress is slow. Think they are not going to launch the project so soon. Either one, that will be good enough.

Danga bay is my one of my targeted area too. They launched the 1st phase of the project. But, i will not jump in so soon unless i see the project materialised. Many people had bad experiences in buying properties in JB. So, be careful. However, i believe the price in JB will be appreciated in near future.

Puteri Harbour is another good location, i think.


It's been a long time...

Who will still be here? Well, that's ok. This is my own diary. I write this for myself.

I miss C, who is more than 314KM away from me.

思念一个人 is not 幸福
but  思念一个人"思念你的人" is 幸福  :)

I have been a very good boy since the day i committed to this relationship and i did not break my promises to C.
A long distance relationship is not easy to maintain. I have tried it, and i failed it before. Why am i doing it again? Guess we really can't control our feeling after all.

Some of my frds are sceptical. I understand why they think this way. And one of my KL frds told me this, "他可以成为朋友, 可是不可以成为情人". This frd who knows C's ex bf warned me. But, i am going to find it out myself.

C is 3 yrs younger than me. I feel think he is more matured than me!

I admit that i have met up with some new frds after i came back from KL. Well, it doesn't mean that i am not faithful in this relationship. I actually feel good that, these frds who i met are worth to keep. I am not using Grindr, Jack'd, Boyahoy etc anymore. There is nothing wrong to use these apps, that's what i feel. But, since i promised C, i will not use it anymore. 

Communication is very important in a relationship. That's what i learnt from the past. I had told C my preferred way of communicating, that is through phone or viber or tango or whatever. I feel happy to chat with C on the phone as we can't meet up with each other often.

In my last visit to KL, we went to his hometown in Port Dickson. A small town, nothing fantastic. C family know that he is aj. We had dinner with C parents, chat abit with them too. Til now, i am not sure if they know about my relationship with C. They looked friendly and they were friendly to me. Even his sister, i can feel that she knows my relationship with C. Well, it kind of obvious as i stayed at C place everytime i go KL.

C will be in Singapore in November. 2 months to go before we meet. I don't know if i want to go KL again in September or in October. He is quite busy.

He is in my heart, my mind.
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I will join new company on 27th September 2010 and i will sign the appointment letter on next Tuesday. Haha, i will only resign on 31th August and latest by 1st Sept. There must be a reason why i do this... I will tell after submit my resignation letter. Although is one month notice, they allows me to extend 2 more weeks before i join them (new company)...

The pay is almost 20% higher, 18% to be exact. And they only work Monday to Friday. Finally i found a job which i only need to work 5 days in a week! Of course i feel happy. And i am entitled to 21 annual leaves per annual, compared to 12.5days in my company... Which one will you choose?

I need to wake up at 6:15am though, half an hour earlier.

I won't have to move back to JB, at least for now. But, i am thinking of something else now. Since Sembawang is very near to JB, why don't i stay in JB instead of Commonwealth? I can still save money. But again, my lil bro will need to serve NS in a few years time. He will need a place to stay in Singapore definitely. I think, in long term, it is good to buy a flat in Singapore.

Some of the people i know, those Malaysian/Singapore PR who are working in Singapore bought HDB flats here, but they stay in JB. I think that is the best way to get extra money every month. HDB flat can be an investment tool! Basically, the tenants are paying the house for them. Brilliant!

I must follow their footsteps! IF, i decide to stay in JB/Singapore in the future... Well, i think i will stay here/Singapore for Life.... Haha.
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I am not deceiving myself. I know my feeling for someone is still there. That's the reason why i still can't get over everything. Every little thing can bring back those fond memories that we had in the past.

It is not that i do not want to face the reality. I do. So, what's the point of meeting up to catch up again before i leave Singapore? To pretend that we are still friends? And, are we considered friends? 做不了情人,做朋友也可以 - Do you think it works for everyone? It doesn't work for me. That will only make things worse inside me.

But, I don't want to be an enemy to him either. I don't know, maybe to be a stranger is the best solution. Do not treat me as someone who is heartless, ungrateful person. I am not.

Whether he is happy or not, as long as he is attached to someone, means that he has already moved on. All is history to him, including me. I want him to be happy, always. He is a nice guy and whoever can live the life with him is a lucky one.

Ego? I do not have ego. I just do not know how to express my feeling.

Ya, i do "Think" a lot. I make assumptions.

I am trying not to think of all these things. But there are still something that need to be settled between us. Hopefully, after that, i can really be freed.
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棉花糖 - 怎么

遗憾需要躲藏 记忆里的倔强
有多少的欣赏 已经与你无关
眼泪的 墙 遍体鳞伤
孱弱 斑驳而崩塌

怎么呢 你已不在身边
怎么呢 你都不在身边

眼泪的墙 遍体鳞伤
孱 弱 斑驳而崩塌

怎么呢 你已不在身边
怎么呢 你都不在身边

怎么呢 没办法记忆了
那就好不起来了 那就好不起来了

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My last post was more than a month ago. I am here again. To write something that i have been thinking since last night. I want to post it here before i forget.

It seems like everyone wanted to save troubles and they bought the wig for the Lady gaga themed party. Hmmm... I don't know why but after i knew the themed of the party, i tried very hard to think of some crazy ideas. Haha, I don't normally pay so much attention to this kind of thing. I also didn't know what to buy for her. Seriously, she've got everything!!! except a man who is gorgeous, intelligent and rich to her.

I like 棉花糖's song so much at the moment especially  再見王子, 貳拾貳 and 怎么呢.

I don't know. I have been staying in Singapore since 1999 til now. Now, i am leaving Singapore. It can be very emotional. Although JB is not far from here but the I really don't like the life the JB. Sigh, i am going to die soon, die because of boredom. There is a huge gap between the lifestyles in these 2 cities. To myself, i prefer the lifestyle in Singapore. If you notice, I spend 360 out of 365 days in Singapore. Isn't it obvious that i prefer here?

Although it is not 100% confirmed, but I give in. There are some other reasons. 1st, i can save more money. A rough calculation, i can save SGD600 on rent, SGD100 on transportation to work.

Let me explain, If i were to transfer to JB, company will have to provide me a place to stay in JB and transportation to work also and some allowance too. But, i guess i think i still need to spend some money on internet, handphone bills or even cable tv in JB. So, based on the exchange rate, i only spend 50% of the total cost that i spend now in Singapore for this 3 items in JB, which is SGD(30+40+80)/2 = SGD75.

So, at least i can save SGD775 more monthly! One year is SGD9300! Cool! Of course, this is only an ideal situation.

I told myself, i will fully repay the study loan earlier if i manage to save more money monthly... Parents will need to continue to stay in Singapore, think i will need to support them too.

Dad needs to pay for the car insurance. How much should i contribute? Aiya, sianz la... Money money money!

I will be in charge of shop fabrication in JB, alone for this project. It can be tough when i do not have the experience in this. It will be a good challenge and there are lot of new things to learn. Guess, after this project, my value will be UP UP UP alot!!! Besides that, my manager told me that if i want to work overseas, i need to earn more experience. So, bear with it! It is only 1.5 years!

But, think of it. I think it is a conspiracy of the management. They targeted me. But they couldn't do anything when i was still studying. Now, finally i graduated, so they have a valid reason to send me to JB factory and let me stay there forever. And i don't have family and GF.

And Chunser confused me by asking me question: Can't you learn new things in other company? Then you don't have to leave Singapore.

Ya~~~ it is true. Provided i can find new job in such a short time.


I must remember this at all time! Yeah!

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I think i have learnt how to control my temper.

New project was started today. I screwed up something because of the Monday Blue, haha. I didn't inform my colleague about the meeting in the afternoon. Sorry la... And then, it was raining cats and dogs when we were on the way to client side. Bad day at work...

I swear to myself that i want to control my temper especially when talking to my other colleague who is in charge of this project too. So far, i think still okay. I scolded him once on the phone.

I have been telling myself that i want to do well in this project. So, all i have to do is to " 忍" . I am trying my best to show to other my ability at work. So, must " 忍" . Now, i just accept whatever my colleague ASK me to do since he is acting like a boss. Let him be...

Actually, i do this for one purpose. Contract manager is keeping his eyes closely on this project. I want to do my best and make request to transfer to his department. Hope i can achieve it eventually.

Now, i am checking on cheap ticket to Taiwan too. Hopefully, i can go after this project.

Mom is going to Vietnam for a short trip with her sisters, my aunties la... Happy for her. I think this is the 1st time she is going overseas trip with her own sisters.

Tomorrow, another meeting at client side. Thursday, i need to go to JB again for work. Quite sianz. But, i will " 忍"!!!!
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I told myself that would give him the best i could... but i couldn't achieve it.

Someone twisted the story. I am not angry.
He was very thin, he was very down. So i have to bear the full responsibility?

Ok, maybe he is fatter and happier now cause he has someone who loves him now.  Credits to his new bf.

Please. I dun wan to know anything about him now. Really. I want to put it all behind.

dun tell the story between ME and HIM to other pple cause you dunno the full story. Most importantly, dun twist the story!
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Still feeling lousy. Don't know what happened to me since yesterday evening. I just started to felt nauseous and headache and giddy. I hope i will be OK by tomorrow.

Today i skipped gym. I didn't mind going to gym actually but it was raining heavily at my place here that made me lazy to go out. Decided to stay home and watch shows online and on TV.

Maybe i deserved it. I still went to PLAY last night. Once i reached Tanjong Pagar MRT, i went to toilet and puked (forced myself to puke). LOLX
I didn't have any proper meal yesterday. Was it the reason why i felt nauseous? I do not think so.

Have a thought just now after someone told me his past... and it reminds me of many things.

Am i a good person? I used to think i am. Now, i don't think so...

Gonna think think think think think again...
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